To ensure your security, you agree to the following rules laid out below. If you choose to not follow the rules laid out below, you will be asked to leave the park without a refund.

  1. By participating in Marina’s Adventure Park you fully accept the operation and safety rules listed below. These rules must be read by everyone prior to the high rope courses.
  2. Visitors of Marina’s Adventure Park need to follow the instructions and safety briefings given by the staff.
  3. Visitors and participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or act in possession of drugs are not allowed to access the park and will be removed from the park.
  4. Participants under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. 1 adult per 1 child
  5. Children using the Junior Level are always under the supervision of their parent or legal guardian.
  6. The management reserves the right to suspend all activities in case of inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rain, storm, thunder and lightning.
  7. All safety equipment must be used as indicated and may not leave the premises.
  8. It is obligatory for participants to follow the safety instructions.
  9. The use of the High Rope Courses is prohibited to pregnant ladies.
  10. The use of the High Rope Courses is prohibited to people with heart problems, breathing problems, back pain suffers, balance disorder and epilepsy. If you have any other medical condition just contact the manager of the park.
  11. Participants cannot wear sandals or slip-off shoes. We advise ankle supporting boots.
  12. Long hair must be tied back.
  13. Wearing jewellery is prohibited. Body piercings should be removed or taped over and midriffs should not be bare as harnesses may chafe.
  14. No loose clothing to be taken on the course.
  15. Loose-fitting clothes should be tucked away, (e.g. scarfs, hoodies and alike).
  16. Do not carry any phones, cameras, keys with you in the High Ropes Course. Empty your pockets before the safety instruction.
  17. The minimum height for Level 1 and 2 is 130 cm.
  18. The maximum weight is 120 kg.
  19. A maximum of 1 person can be on the element.
  20. A maximum of 2 people can be on the platform.
  21. Wearing glasses or contact lenses during climbing is solely at your own risk.
  22. By visiting Marina’s Adventure Park, you agree that any photos taken during your visit may be used by Marina’s Adventure Park for advertising and social media.
  23. An instructor will fit your harness. Then you will be given full safety instructions at the training site. To avoid damage to your harness you must not smoke whilst wearing it.
  24. You must me attached to the safety system by an instructor before starting the high ropes course. Wait on the ground if no instructor is present.
  25. You are not permitted to smoke whilst climbing.
  26. You are permitted to smoke only in designated areas.
  27. Marina’s Adventure Park does not accept any liability for any damage to the guest or guest’s property, unless such damage is a direct result of intent or gross negligence by Marina’s Adventure Park or one of our staff members.
  28. Marina’s Adventure Park does not accept any liability for loss or theft of goods that you have brought into the park.
  29. Physical or verbal abuse, or otherwise undesirable behaviour towards visitors or staff of Marina’s Adventure Park will not be tolerated. Visitors who engage in this kind of behaviour will be removed from the park.